The world first new collaboration art of illumination and sound.​

Magical Art

Guide to a special time and place
that makes human being back to their origin

Living a life with a pure and clean heart
Spreading this passion over the world with Magical Art

Dawn of Earth

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Tokonoma Garden

The Gold Medal & Best Garden award of Chelsea flower show’s 100th Anniversary
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Mickey's Journey

Limited Edition
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Space, Time, Illumination… The room changes into an inexperienced space as if you are tripping a wonder world. The time passes quietly and slowly, the appreciation time is only a few moment But you can feel it much longer just like you are on the long journey. Memories and feelings flooding through subconscious. This is the world of Magical Art Gallery.

We are living in a stream of time. In a lifetime stream, we sometime forget and put away the pure thoughts, mind and emotions. In such circumstances, how do we recapture the true mind? How do we regain the time for it? Nothing can be felt once we lose the inner true happiness. Magical Art is a solution to regain our soul and reset our minds. Feel the undiscovered happiness and pure affection through Magical Art from the bottom of your heart. Touch and feel the beauty of Magical Art and put yourself into a pureness leads you to an inexperienced new world.

Highest Performing Private Submarine

Experience a World of 007!!

We kicked off the project of a cruiser with built-in submarine! This luxury cruiser carries a submarine in her hull. You can taste this breathtaking marine leisure by cruising surface and underwater of ocean. Why don't you take advantage of this wonderful chance to expand your experiene.