The Palace, Prince and Princess® is a creative brand that adept at design, develop, package and manufacture different kinds of fashion jewelry, gifts and lifestyle products with good quality and competitive pricing to our business partner. And, we have cooperated with various famous brand and major shopping mall that are earn many compliments and turn heads. Therefore, our business has grown steadily and developed from a small-sized retail shop to one of the most famous groups in Hong Kong since 2002.

Our Mission

Our mission is boldly used the innovative and equal idea to create our brand culture. We believe that our peculiar culture is the cornerstone of a creative and caring inclined society. To be the world’s most trusted partner for Quality Assurance

Our Vision

Our vision is advocating fair-trade and positive affects on people’s life by our brand culture in Hong Kong and throughout the world. Brand revolution, create a Dream Legend


The Visionaries

Princess J.

Trust Love...

Prince S.

To Love...