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Our Story

Closed-eye Prince, Princess and Hei mean we have to “Feel the World with Heart”.

The true and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – They must be felt with the heart.

The Palace, Prince & Princess

The Palace, Prince and Princess is the first themed shop of Prince and Princess in Hong Kong. We are leading the trend of “Princess” and “Crown” to enhance and glorify this concept. Our aim is to made delightful gifts are inspire all of royal life’s sparkling moments. Every piece designed is inspired by all of royal life’s sparkling occasions.

The Palace, Prince & Princess

Prince & Princess Family



Prince is intelligent and capable. He is good at simplify any complexity.



Princess has many creative ideas and she always raise others up.

Hei 囍


As it’s named “囍” which meaning joy, it brings happiness and joy to you.

Prince & Princess Pal

We’re very thank to our customers, partners, sponsors, staffs & helpers. All of you legendized our palace since 2002.

Prince & Princess Palace

Dreamy Ideas
Rapid Response
Effective Work
Accurate Action
Marvelous Result
Satisfactory Service
Let dreams come true in this dreamy palace